Tantrokta evum Vedokta Ati Rudra Maha Yagna

  • You can take part in this powerful ritual, performed in both tantratmik and mantratmik ways by Guruji. The benefits of this ritual are fulfilment of wishes (manokamna siddhi), cure from diseases (rog mukti), free from debts (runa mukti), monetary gains (lakshmi prapti) and business improvements (vyapar vriddhi). Advance reservation is a must since it is the most sought-after ritual. The charges for this Yagna for a pair (any two) is INR 21,000 for Indians and INR 40,000 for NRIs and foreigners. Charges include food and accommodation for one day.

Traditional Chita Bhasm Aarti

  • Traditionally, for pooja of Lord Shiva, use of Chita Bhasma (pyre ashes) is a must since ages as it has its spiritual meaning and significance. Especially, at Mahakaleswar Mandir in Ujjain, since Lord Mahakal rules over time and death, he is offered chita bhasm. But, now-a-days, the priests of Mahakaleswar Mandir who aren't aware of the tantrik significance of this started using cow dung ashes instead of chita bhasm, which is very saddening and condemnable. Since Shiv Ratri (March 7th) night, Shri Kapalik Mahakal has been performing Chita BhasmAarti to Lord Shiva twice a day at our Simhasth Camp in Ujjain. You can also do this abhishek in the traditional way guided by Guruji. The charges for this are INR 300 for Indians and INR 1000 for NRIs and foreigners.

Kshipra Snan

  • Kumbh Melas are mega bathing festivals held every 12 years at one of the locations of haridwar, Prayag, Nashik and Ujjain. Of these four Kumbhs, the Kumbh of Ujjain is known as Simhasth Kumbh Mahaparv. According to Puranas, both Ujjain and Kshipra river which flows through it have much significance for spiritual sadhanas and blessings. Kshipra river is a symbol of purity (of body, soul), chastity or clarity. There are hundreds of Hindu shrines on the banks of river Kshipra. You can have a holy bath in Kshipra alongwith Guruji during Simhasth 2016.

Kshipra Aarti

  • Every evening, Aarti is given to Kshipra River with oil lamps. Thousands of small oil lamps are set afloat on the river on rafts of leaves and flowers. It is believed that the north-bound Kshipra takes these offerings to the abode of Lord Shiva in the Himalayas. You can join Guruji in Kshipra Aarti.

Darshan of Guruji

  • General Darshan is free for all while you have to take prior appointment making payment in advance for a Personal Darshan of and interaction with Guruji. You can take Guruji's Darshan every day. Personal Darshan and interaction is charged at INR 10,000 for Indians or INR 30,000 for NRIs and foreigners. Charges include food and accommodation for one day.

Deeksha given by Guruji

  • You can take Deeksha from Guruji with prior appointment. Deeksha is given in batches at regular intervals only after Personal Darshan of Guruji. The charges for Deeksha vary from person to person depending on the purpose and number of days needed. Those who want to take Deeksha are requested to take Guruji's darshan early in the morning so that he can decide on the time it would take. Please note that after Personal Darshan, Guruji will decide whether to give Deeksha to a person or not. The minimum charges for Deeksha are INR 20,000 for Indians and INR 1,00,000 for NRIs and foreigners. Charges include food and accommodation.

Sadhana Guidance by Guruji

  • Guruji can give you Sadhana and it would normally take around 3 weeks time. The exact number of days and charges have to be decided by Guruji since it varies from person to person based on the current level. At the minimum, it takes 4-5 days for sadhaks in advanced levels.