About Shri Kapalik Mahakal

The greatest Kapalik Tantrik of Bama Khepa lineage, Shri Shri 1008 Kapalik Mahakal Bhairavanand Saraswati is considered one of the top spiritual gurus of Hinduism and one of the key names associated with the spread of the Art of Tantrism (Tantra Vidya). Today, he is well recognised on par with the highest spiritual gurus globally. Also known as Kapalik Baba, he has been leading a simple and spiritual life of devotion to the Kaula Tantra Vidya and its promulgation for over 55 years now.

Shri Kapalik Mahakal was born in the year 1940 in Punjab and was quite young when his family moved to New Delhi. He was bright as a student and eventually accomplished his degrees in LL.M from Devi Ahilya University, Indore and MSW from Sagar University, Madhya Pradesh, before landing a prestigious job as Director in Coal India (a Maharatna Company). Scarcely did he know that his life was soon heading towards a major turn-away from the stale monotony of life.

He was in his late thirties when he began to realise the unappealing waywardness of the materialistic world around him that was way too self-centered and filled with malice. Thus started his aversion from the common ways of life and an inner craving for purity and selflessness. He finally ended up quitting his home, leaving behind all the luxuries that the world had to offer. He wandered for long as an ascetic, in search of solutions to the many unsolved questions that were taking roots in his mind.

His answers came to him as a renowned Tantrik, Shri Yogananda Saraswati Maharaj, that he came across at a cremation ground during his traipse period.Considering him to be his Guru, he stayed in close contours of Shri Yogananda Maharaj for around 3 years before finally being accepted as a disciple. He spent the next 13 years of his life learning and practicing the various Tantric Sadhanas under the direction of his Guru. He was even entitled "Mahakal" by his Guru. Being a recluse Sadhak himself, Shri Yogananda had never been able to spread the essence of Tantra Vidya to the world. Thus, he entrusted Shri Kapalik Mahakal the responsibilityof carrying forward the knowledge of Tantrism and educating the world about it.

After his Guru passed away, he roamed throughout India, spending his time meditating at various Shakti Pithas that he came across. During this period, he often didn't bother with clothes and would walk naked (digambara), even dealing with extreme conditions of cold while in the mountains. Cremation grounds used to be his best place of Sadhana (Shamshan Sadhak). Gradually, he learnt the art of dealing with subtle energies and entities of negative nature.

Shri Kapalik Mahakal is deeply spiritual and many stories from his life attest to his fierce determination in his worship of Lord Shiva (Bhairava) and Maa Kamakhya Devi (the personification of Shakti). He is a Kapalika and takes his food and drink only from a kapal patra (skull cup). The term "Kapalika" refers to one who "bears the skull". The Kapalikas are believed to extract the problems and worries of others and take them upon their own heads.

There are many esoteric aspects to using the kapal patra that relate to the Tantrik process of Kaula Kapalik Tantra. It is said that the energies of certain deities dwell in the skull, which means that all the food/drink taken from a kapala patra serves as an offering to those energies and its consumption would be as prasad. Another story says that originally Kapalikas carried the kapala in imitation of Shiva-Bhairava, who, after cutting off one of the heads of Brahma, was doomed to roam the cremation grounds with the kapala in his hand. After twelve years of penance and by the grace of Shakti, Bhairava was finally absolved and the Kapala was freed from his hand. Thus, a Kapalika can also be associated with one who has come to embody Shiva-Bhairava in human form. Shri Kapalik Baba continues to practice and manifest the living Kaula Kapalika current received as a legacy from his Guru. He is deeply involved in performing his duty in service of his Guru and over time has already established dedicated followers around the world.

Shri Kapalik Mahakal had been accessible to public and devotees at Maa Kamakhya Ashram in Rohini, New Delhi till recently - where he had been helping the people who come to him with their grievances. He shifted his ashram to Haridwar a few years ago. He is also approachable during the camps that he sets up during Kumbh Melas. Scores of people from India and abroad can be seen visiting him during such camps.

Shri Kapalik Mahakal Bhairavanand Saraswati, through his persistent vision and determined efforts, has gained recognition in India and abroad. He was ornamented with the prestigious Global Peace Award for his noble service to mankind. He has also had the privilege of being revered by the President of India. With his relentless and dedicated work towards the human sustainment, Shri Kapalik Mahakal has created a deep niche in the world of spirituality and its impressions shall remain and be remembered forever.

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